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Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch + OHS (Work to heavy complex)

1 power snatch from floor, straight into 1 hang power snatch and then 1 overhead squat
* Start at 50-55% of Power Snatch and Build to Heavy Complex

* Compare to 10/27/17


Metcon (Time)

EMOM for as long as you can maintain:

5 Box Jumps (30/24)

3 Power Snatch (105/75)

1 Overhead Squat (105/75)
** 15 minute time cap **

Score = Number of consecutive rounds completed in under 60 seconds (Perfect score = 15)

RX+: Power Snatch & OHS (135/95)

Scaling Options:

Box Jumps (24/20) OR step ups

Power Snatch & OHS (95/65) OR Scale to Power Clean + Front Squat if ROM doesn’t allow for full OHS

Cash Out

Carry: Metcon (Weight)

2 x 100m Single Arm Overhead KB Carry
* Switch arms at turnaround. Choose a weight that allows you to keep your elbow locked out.


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