Battleship CrossFit

At Battleship CrossFit here in the heart of Panama City Beach, we care about the things that matter. Things like people, making fitness fun, seeing results, helping people get stronger and cheering each other on. We’re easy to find and more easy to connect with! We welcome all skills levels!






Phil is one of our owners here at BCF.  He was on the track team in high school and has stayed active in his adult life.  After school, he continued to run and completed several half marathons.  He then transitioned into at-home workouts like P90X and Insanity.  In 2014, he started CrossFit and hasn’t stopped since. The community and variety of workouts is what keeps him coming back each day.

Phil has found a good balance of working out utilizing the one-hour CrossFit class workout at Battleship and our partners at RP Strength for his diet plan.  The combination of those two things allowed him to lose over 22 pounds in twelve weeks.  Throughout that time, he didn’t lose any strength or energy and was able to eat in a way that’s maintainable for the long-term.


A lot of people claim to have “community” in their gym, we live it. You’ll notice the difference the moment your first connect with us. Our goal is for Battleship CrossFit to be your favorite hour of the day.


Tired of finding reasons why you don’t have time? Don’t think you’re “fit enough” to start CrossFit? Just come on in and we’ll show you that CrossFit is truly for anyone. Your first visit is on us. We’ll do everything we can to make your fitness journey fun. Why wait? Take the first step to a whole new you.

Battleship CrossFit


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