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Do I Already Need to be “In Shape” to Start CrossFit?

When people think of CrossFit, the typical image is of buff, sweaty guys and girls throwing around barbells, flipping tires and doing all sorts of crazy gymnastic movements that you could never imagine yourself doing.  However, step into a group class at any local CrossFit gym, and you’ll see a variety of people from all …
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How to NOT get injured in CrossFit

Talk to anyone about CrossFit and many will immediately counter with “I heard CrossFit gets people injured.”  I hear this concern often from prospective members.  However, at Battleship CrossFit and many other CrossFit gyms, we prioritize movement quality and member safety above everything else. This starts with our On-Ramp program. We require all new members …
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The Importance of Accessory Work

As CrossFitters, most of us enjoy doing the “big” lifts and complex gymnastic movements.  And I don’t disagree!  There’s nothing more fun than throwing  around a heavy barbell or finally conquering kipping pull ups.  BUT…it’s also really important to focus on accessory exercises to help you become even more successful in unlocking your athletic potential. …
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Got Pull Ups?

Ahh, the elusive pull up.  It is a movement that doesn’t come easy for a lot of people.  However, if you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while, it’s worth devoting the time to focus on them as they are a great way to build upper body strength in the lats, arms and increase your grip …
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Weightlifting Deadlift (1 x 5 @ 50% Deadlift (1 x 5 @ 60%) Deadlift (5 x 3 @ 70%) Same weight across all 5 sets. Metcon (Time) For Time: 200m Farmer Carry (53s/35s) 30 Box Jumps (24/20) 40 Deadlifts (135/95) 50 Ab Mat Sit Ups 40 Deadlifts (135/95) 30 Box Jumps (24/20) 200m Farmer Carry …
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