How to NOT Get Injured in CrossFit

Talk to anyone about CrossFit and many will immediately counter with “I heard CrossFit gets people injured.”  I hear this concern often from prospective members.  However, at Battleship CrossFit and many other CrossFit gyms, we prioritize movement quality and member safety above everything else.

This starts with our On-Ramp program. We require all new members who don’t have CrossFit experience to go through this training.  The primary purpose of this is to breakdown the most common movements we do to ensure that members are moving safely before joining a group class and adding intensity.  After members “graduate” into group classes, our coaches keep a close eye on everyone to make adjustments and modifications as needed to suit the needs of every member.

We warm up as a group each day at BCF.  This is a crucial part of the day’s workout.  Having a proper warm up decreases the likelihood of injuries.  The goal of a warm up is to increase body temperature and activate the muscles being used in the training each day.

Although CrossFit is a high-intensity training program, that doesn’t mean that it should be 100% intensity EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  We balance high-intensity work with low-intensity work to facilitate recovery and avoid overtraining. Most people are already chronically stressed out, sleep-deprived and surviving on a less-than-ideal diet.  Add on another “stress” of intense training day after day, and your body may not be able to recovery properly.

Bodybuilding and accessory movements sometimes get a bad rap in the CrossFit world, but they super important to  a balanced workout plan. Including these special exercises increases muscle mass, which not only improves body composition, but it also decreases the risk of injury.  In addition, accessory work can help to bring up any imbalances that people often develop from doing the same movements repeatedly.

And finally, an important part of reducing the risk of injury falls on the judgement of the individual.  it’s always a good idea to be coachable, start slow to perfect technique and THEN add intensity.  Not the other way around. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!  Be humble and aware of your current abilities and know when to take a step back.  It’s much more important that members stay healthy and able to attend classes regularly than getting injured and being out for weeks or months. Health is not a sprint; it’s a marathon.

CrossFit is an excellent way to become faster, stronger and healthier for people of all ages and backgrounds. it prioritizes functional movements that you use in everyday life to make your quality of life better.  There’s a TON of other gyms and a variety of training programs that you could choose for your fitness journey.  No matter what training method you choose,  be sure to do your homework on one that also prioritizes recovery, longevity and an improved quality of life.

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