Our Story

Battleship CrossFit opened its doors in 2012. We purchased the gym from the previous owners in 2016 and have focused on making an already good gym a great gym since that time.

We pride ourselves on programming workouts that are challenging, varied and fun. Once you walk through the doors, you don’t have to think about anything else. In an hour, you will go through a warm up, strength or skill work and a workout of the day with a great group of people. No more wandering around a globo gym with headphones on wondering what you should do. With us, you’ll be in and out in an hour and with awesome results!

Our community is filled with all kinds of people – military, firefighters, former athletes, moms, dads, students and everything in between. Even though everyone’s background is a little different, we all are working toward the same goal. To be the best version of yourself. To be fitter so your job is a little easier. To have more confidence and mental fortitude. To be healthy enough to play with your kids or get up that flight of stairs without a struggle. To have enough energy to get through the day.

We believe that CrossFit is truly for anyone and that you don’t already have to be “fit” to start. Our coaching staff all have backgrounds in sports and have been doing CrossFit for years. They are trained on modifying our workouts to scale the load, movements and intensity to make sure everyone gets a great workout and that everyone is safe. We want fitness to be a lifestyle for our members and for them to stay safe while they workout so they can continue to be healthy for the long haul.

Come in and surround yourself with a group of positive people that will celebrate your success with you! Our members constantly tell us that they their coaches and fellow athletes are a second family. Come try us out; we are sure that your hour at Battleship CrossFit will be the best hour of your day!