How to Stick with Your Fitness Resolutions

Each January, people everywhere set resolutions for the new year.  An overwhelming majority of those people rank losing weight and getting in shape as their top resolutions.  And, unfortunately, only a very small amount of those people stick to those resolutions long enough to achieve their goals.

So how can you overcome the odds and set yourself up for success this year?

  1. Set Measurable Goals:  It’s true what they say, “what gets measured, gets managed.” I hear many people whose goal it is to simply “eat healthy” or “get fit.” These are very vague goals, which makes them hard to achieve when you’re not even sure exactly what the criteria is.  Be specific about your goal.  Is there a certain weight you’d like to get to?  A pair of pants that you’d like to be able to wear?
  2. Set a Deadline:  In the same way that vague goals aren’t helpful, open-ended goals are less than ideal as well.  Set mini-goals along the way and then a date to accomplish those small goals leading up to your big goal.  Each mini goal is a win and will help your motivation to continue.
  3. Know Your Why:  Are you just randomly setting a goal with no reason in mind?  WHY do you want to lose 20 pounds? Is it so that you’ll feel more confident at the beach this summer?  Or is it because you’d like to be able to play with your kids or grandkids without being winded? These are both great reasons, and knowing your why can help you remember the bigger picture in those weak moments when you want to throw in the towel.
  4. Exercise:  There are TONS of options for exercise programs that are effective.  Pick one that fits your personality and goals.  CrossFit is a great way to get fit with a tight-knit group under the eye of a qualified coach.  But, it’s not the only way.  Find something that you enjoy and will stick to.  Consistency is more important than intensity.
  5. …But Don’t Forget About Nutrition, Too:  The combination of diet and exercise together is the best way to get to your goals the fastest.  And, you’ll feel better too!  Just like with exercise, there are lots of diet options out there.  Find one that is healthy (not a crash diet) and that is, more importantly, sustainable.  If you’re able to lose weight quickly on a extremely restrictive, low-calorie diet, but that diet doesn’t fit your lifestyle, you probably won’t stick to it for long.  And, unfortunately, most people end up binging after a diet and put back all of their previous weight, if not more.
  6. Find an Accountability Partner or Group:  Everything is easier if you know you have someone holding you accountable for your goals.  Find a spouse, friend or group of people who are like-minded to hold you accountable.  It will help you and them to succeed!

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