If you haven’t been doing CrossFit for a year or more, you may be wondering what the CrossFit Open even is.  It’s a competition held at CrossFit affiliates worldwide to serve as the first stage for competitors to qualify for the CrossFit Games in the summer.  Last year, over 429,000 people participated in The CrossFit Open. However, 99.9% of us won’t be making it to the CrossFit Games, so why should you even bother, right?

  1. BCF Intramural Open:  At Battleship CF, we do an intramural style open where we split participants into teams within our gym.  Those teams compete against one another for 5-weeks at our Friday Night Lights.  Of course, competition is friendly and you get a chance to meet lots of other members who may not normally come to the same class time as you.
  2. Multiple Workout Options:  If you’re worried that you won’t be able to do double unders, muscle ups, or handstand push ups, there’s no need to skip the entire Open just for that.  Similar to our daily WODs, there will be options for RX, Scaled, Masters and Teens.  Workouts can be modified to suit any skill level.  And our team points aren’t based entirely on scores.  They are actually mostly based on participation and camaraderie.
  3. Surprise Yourself with a PR:  We see multiple people each year get their “first” during the Open. People push themselves a little harder than normal and often surprise themselves by getting their first pull up, toes to bar or lift more weight than they ever have before.  With all the extra energy, excitement and encouragement we have during Friday Night Lights, you may get a PR this year, too!
  4. Identify Weaknesses and Set Goals:  It’s true that the CrossFit Open gets harder and harder each year as athletes get better and better.  As part of that, CrossFit HQ doesn’t shy away from programming movements that you may not be great at right now.  And that’s okay.  After the Open, you will have a good idea or where you are already strong and areas that you may need to focus on to be more prepared for the Open in 2020.
  5. Prizes:  Last year, we had some cool prizes from our sponsors to give away during FNL.  We will randomly draw names for the prizes out of those who sign up and come to FNL.  Plus, at the end of the 5-weeks, the team with the most points will get a cool team banner that will hang in the gym all year to signify your team’s dominance!
  6. Cool Shirt + Food!:  If I haven’t gotten your buy-in yet, I’m banking on the fact that everyone loves a new shirt and food!  As part of our BCF Intramural Open, you’ll get a special shirt in your team color.  You’ll also get snacks and drinks during each FNL.  The final FNL will be sponsored by Angelo’s Steak Pit, and we will be grilling up some yummy burgers to celebrate all our hard work!

The CrossFit Open starts Friday, February 22nd.  Our BCF Intramural Open sign ups are open now, so go ahead and put your name on the list to join the fun.  This is by far the biggest event we do all year, so don’t miss out!









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